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Genetics A Science of Confusion free essay sample

A short critique essay breaking down an article written by Dorothy Nelkin about geneticists. This paper goes into a description on the subject of geneticists. The author breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of Dorthy Nelkins argument, a sociology professor who questions the legitemacy of genetics. Includes quotes and in-texts citations, as well as opinions and beliefs. Dorthy Nelkin, a sociology professor, has begun to question the legitimacy of genetics, the human genome, and the accuracy of geneticists beliefs and statements. In her passage The Grandiose Claims of Geneticists, Nelkin states that Until recently, scientists have paid little attention to communicating with the public. Nelkins statement may very well be true, but to the vast majority of Americans- the housewives, the food service workers, the construction workers, the grocery store clerks, and the unemployed- how much does this really affect their everyday lives? The medical breakthroughs that geneticists find may very well be the extent of the concern surrounding this futuristic science. We will write a custom essay sample on Genetics: A Science of Confusion or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Genetics is a science that has emerged before our eyes as being some great discovery, but everything cannot possibly be all in the genes.

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birth rates Essays

birth rates Essays birth rates Essay birth rates Essay As the birth rates in recent years have been declined rapidly, the social issues that associate with older peoples social care come in quick succession. It is important to find out the way in solving these severe problems instead of ignoring. Therefore, this essay would analyze the approaches that different countries used and obtain the most sustainable way in order to achieve the social balance. Before comparing the elderlies social care approaches in different countries, providing the backgrounds of different countries are essential in analyzing which country has the best and the most sustainable approach. The information of the background must be included the proportion of senior citizen in these countries, the requirement of social care from the older people, and also the budget that the government invested in those services. In general, the situation of UK has no different from other countries. The proportion of older people in the I-JK society is increasing as there are more people becoming older. According to a report of population in I-JK, in 2010, there were about 640 thousands people turned 65 and in 2012, it is fgured out that there were about 800 thousands people turned 65. Later life in the United Kingdom, 2013) There is a 25% increase in the number of people turned 65 between these two years. Then, the total number of the elders aged 65 or above in UK is 10. 3 million, which is 16% of the total population in I-JK (63. 76 million populations). In this essay, Japan is chosen as the comparing group with the United Kingdom. Today, the population in Japan is about 126 millions, which is one of the larger population countries in the world. The country also experienced a losing population in recent years because of decreasing birth rates and no net immigration from other oreign countries. Japan also faces the ageing problem due to a huge increase in the amount of elderly. Refer to the statistic of population of Japan in 2010, there was 22. 6% of total population being aged 65 or above, which means there are nearly 29 million people aged 65 or above. This shows that Japan faced a serious ageing problem. For the elderlys need, older people are in the majority using health and social care services in the I-JK. Older people visit their General practitioners more frequently compared to younger adults, besides, they are the main users of both outpatient and npatient hospital services (ONS 2002). Also, about 33% of all I-JK hospital admissions and about 66% of the hospital beds are used by people who aged 65 years or above (DH 2000). In the period of 1972 and 2001, the number of old people who visited an emergency department is sharply increased from about 12% to 26%, which is more than doubled. This shows that the demand of elderly health service is rapidly increasing. Moreover, there was 43% of all NHS spent on hospital and community health services (HCHS) distributed to people aged 65 years and above in 2003 2004. expenditure. However, two-thirds of NHS clients who are aged 65 or above claimed that they only receive two-fifths of the total expenditure. Some of them said that it is difficult to have a surgery or get into a local hospital. And 64% of old people think that the health and care staffs do not treat them with respect for their dignity. That means there is a big difference between the society and the old people and the welfare system in UK is not good and fair to the elderly. The country containing with the most senior citizens in the world is Japan. It has the worlds highest proportion of senior citizen. Also has the largest number of centenarians. It can be seen as the consequence of the Japans tradition. Older people in Japan are lived with their family and with strong family care in general. And the children and other family members would take the responsibility of taking care the dependent older genitor in enlarged family living orders. They think that they have to respect to the old people because their contribution in the young age. However, there are some characteristics in reality extended family care. For instance, disturbing disregard and abuse of vulnerable senior people. Also left their senior parents with no medical need in hospitals in order to abandon them. Therefore, the Japan government had made a social care policy innovation. It loosens the restrictions of the range of service transmission past traditional family convention. But it is not helpful in solving both care-giving hell and social hospitalisation. In 20 century, in order to maintain the independent health and social care systems, the means-tested measures are under close surveillance. Based on the reform, Long- Term Care Insurance (LTCI) program was stocked with the taxation and insurance remiums paid by citizens aged over 39 since 2000. It offers an extensive range of care service transmissions beyond traditional family convention. Also, it developed an inter-help system of regional people under a time-banking system. Volunteers earn time credits for looking after for senior people in their social network. After discussing the situation in the I-JK and Japan, we will compare the effectiveness and the sustainability of the social care scheme in these two countries. It seems that the Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) scheme in Japan secure better living style of the elderly. This scheme is not only supported by taxation, but also the insurance premiums paid by citizens who aged above 40. This can reduce the tax burden of the general public (especially for the younger generation) in elderly health services. Moreover, it can ensure the elder people could receive a good medical treatment when after they retired as they are required to pay a fixed amount of premiums after aged of 40. Therefore, in terms of sustainability, the Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) program in Japan is the most sustainable in the future. On the other hand, the National Health Service (NHS) in UK is responsible for the free ealth care to the citizen. Huge amount of fund is needed as this scheme is fully supported by the government (tax-payers). In terms of sustainability, there are two disadvantages in this scheme. First of all, it shifts the financial burden of elderly health services to the government and the tax-payers. This increases the tax burden employments and birth rate. This is not good to the society in the long run as it is not sustainable. Secondly, with a rapidly increase elderly, the supply of elderly medical services may insufficient to satisfy all the needs of the elderly. The elderly may need o queue for a long time in order to receive a medical treatment or surgery. They may not able to enjoy medical treatment immediately when they are in need. As a result, the I-JK scheme is not sustainable in the future as it requires a large amount of fund to support this scheme. After the comparison between the UKs approach and the Japans approach, we may find out that the Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) program in Japan is likely to be most sustainable in the future. Although Japan has the worlds highest proportion of senior citizens and the largest number of centenarians, it has a complete social ealth care scheme which supports the health care of the elderly after they retired. Therefore, social health care is not a big financial burden for the Japan government due to the aid of the Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) program. Although the UK also faced the similar problem in social health care, the situation in the I-JK is much more worsen than the situation in Japan even it has smaller proportion of older people when compare to Japan. This is mainly due to the failure of the National Health Service (NHS) which makes the I-JK suffers from a severe situation on social care of lderly. The high operation cost has reduced the sustainability of this scheme as it shift and increase the tax burden to the younger generation. Therefore, it seems that the UK government should follow the approach of Japan, which is the Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) program, in order to have a sustainable social health care scheme. According to the estimation, the number of people in the UK who aged over 65 years will be rose by about 400 thousands in the next three years, especially the number of people aged over 85. (Wise, J. , 2008). If we follow the ld National Health Service (NHS) scheme, the financial burden of the government and the tax-payers will significantly increase, which is not good in terms of sustainability. As a result, the I-JK government should learn from the Japan government and change the social health care system into a scheme which is supported by taxation and insurance premiums. In conclusion, if the I-JK government combined the social health care system with taxation and insurance premiums, the financial burden of the government could be reduced and huge benefits would be gained by the society.

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The Research Report for the Teenagers' View on Sex Essay

The Research Report for the Teenagers' View on Sex - Essay Example Research question: The fundamental research questions guiding this study are: "What are the essential views of a teenager regarding sex" "What do such views of a teenager signify with regard to his particular life stage" Aims of study: The focal point of the study has been an investigation on a teenager's views on sex. The study also covers an analysis of the various developmental needs of a teenager, especially relating to his sexual needs. The study also investigates the characteristics of a teenager's life as suggested primarily by his views on sex. This reflective analysis of the attitudes of teenagers on the question of sex calls for a mixed methodology incorporating both qualitative and quantitative research, aiming at establishing the fundamental views of teenagers. Literature review provides another most essential tool for the investigative purposes. The scope for an extensive sampling and data collection is limited in this sort study. Therefore, the main focus will be a discussion on the topic with regard to the review of literature. Sex has been one of the subtlest issues of discussion among the teenagers, and the lack of proper sex education among teenagers is evident in several cases. The distorted and disinterested attitudes of the adults and teachers regarding sex education of the teenagers are especially reflected in their understanding of sex. Through seminal researches and interviews with teenagers, found that "most of the teenagers had never had a single serious, factual discussion about sex with any adult, including parents." (Adelman 1992. P. 15). According to him, the basic issue with regard to teenager's attitudes of sex has been the result of the lack of sex education and the prevailing traditional views on sex. "The results of poor education, ignorance, and conservative ideas about sexuality have been appalling." (Adelman 1992. P. 15). It is obvious fact to every parent that the teenage years are all but an easy time. There are several issues concerning teenagers which become the hallmarks of ever y family's discussions and they include dating, driving, and drinking etc. The 'do's and don'ts' of proper behaviour as well as decorum lie beneath a teenager's every move. "Parents fret that they have not done enough to ensure their child's growth and success; teachers worry that they are not preparing their students for their next grade or career move; and teenagers agonize over every step because, for them, every step is their first step." (Kaplan 1999. P. Xviii). Sexual perceptions of the teenagers are the central factor which indicates the developments of the individuals through adolescence. It is of paramount consideration that young people, by the time they reach adolescence, have acquired sexual attitudes, values, and behaviours, and they are picked up by the stereotypes of gender. A teenage girl tends to believe that she needs to fit in with what their sexual counterparts require in the way of feminine image, and, thus, she considers romancing and being in love are significant to her life. Similarly, teenage boys take on a competitive masculine style and they consider risk taking as part of 'being man'. In their teenage

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Multi-Layer Machine Learning Approach to FOREX Thesis Proposal

Multi-Layer Machine Learning Approach to FOREX - Thesis Proposal Example According to Gearman and Freund, the ADT approach helps to select the best combination of rules derived from well known technical analysis indicators and we shall be in a position to select the best parameters of the technical indicators. The online learning layer will combine the output of several ADTs incorporated into the system and may eventually suggest a position that will be either short or long. We shall also have a risk management layer that will responsible for the validation of the trading signals at the instance it exceeds a predetermined specific non-zero threshold. The FOREX market is now having most of its transactions being conducted electronically therefore transforming it into a typical electronic market. Many of their customers within the currency exchange market who seek its services are now relying on automated trading systems in order to process large amounts of information and make instantaneous investment decisions regardless of where they are within the global. Performance of technical trading strategies may try to exploit statistical measurable short term market opportunities such as trend spotting and momentum in the foreign currency exchange. Lo, Mamasky, and Wang in their study, used non parametric regressions in order to recognize the technical patterns of large stocks in the trade market. Their findings were that technical indicators usually provide increased information for investors enabling them to compare the unconditional empirical distribution of daily stock returns to the conditional distribution on specific technical indicators. This plays a big role in helping them make informed decisions based on the identified market trends. M. Dempster, T. W. Payne, Y. Romahi, and G. Thompson (2001) in their study did a comparison of some four methods that are applicable in foreign exchange trading which included reinforcement learning, genetic algorithms,

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The Difference Between Walmart And Procter Gamble Information Technology Essay

The Difference Between Walmart And Procter Gamble Information Technology Essay In late 1980s, Procter Gamble, the manufacturer and Wal-Mart, the distributor started to practice vendor managed inventory (VMI) partnership. Their success on increasing efficiency of supply chain immediately trumpeted other organization like Campbell Soup, Johnson Johnson, Glaxosmithkline ¼Ã…’Electrolux Italia ¼Ã…’Nestle and Tesco, and also Boeing and Alcoa, to apply VMI approach. VMI is a business model which is first implemented and common among grocery industry. Vendor or supplier usually refers to manufacturer. Instead of having the customers, often distributors, to place order to vendors,, as in traditional replenishment process, VMI created a value added service in which vendors have full responsibility on maintaining agreed level of inventories for distributors. Through VMI software, manufacturers either able to monitor and access distributors actual inventory level, or distributors will send sales and inventory data via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or internet on pre-arrange schedule, typically on daily basis. Manufacturers then make resupply decisions regarding order quantities, timing, and shipping based on mutually agreed stock levels, fill rates, and transaction costs. Yes, the researcher agreed that VMI provides significant benefits to an organization. Therefore, exploring the benefits arise from implementation of VMI, would be the next focus for this paper. The paper also objectives to examine the disadvantages involved in the application of VMI for both distributors and manufacturers. 2.0 : VENDOR MANAGED INVENTORY Advantages The advantages were introduced in terms of manufacturers, distributors, not to forget dual benefits. 2.1.1 For manufacturers Increased productivity More efficient own inventory control Increased customer relationship Improved market analysis Increased sales Cost reduction VMI Benefits for Manufacturers Figure 1: VMI Benefits for Manufacturers Source: The Researcher Cost reduction Administration cost, operating cost, transportation cost and many more are decreased because of lesser order problem like bad data, and decreasing unexpected order. Increased sales This is the quickest advantage as sales could be rise to 5-25%. This mainly due to increased sales of their customers, contributed by lesser stock out problems, together with improved product mix, as a result of better demand visibility. Market share also increased because distributors could experience lower cost, greater profitability, and improved service from manufacturers. Another factor is better collaborative planning for special sales such as promotion. Improved market analysis More frequent and direct communication allowed better insight in customer demand. This enables easier market analysis and created opportunities to provide other value added services. Increased customer relationship Manufacturers secured its customers by providing continuous supply, avoiding out of stock problems. VMI also assured long term relationship together with steady and predictable income as long as manufacturers still carrying the task of maintaining a predetermined stock for its customers, often a distributor. More efficient own inventory control With the ability to monitor and keep track its customers actual sales and inventory, manufacturers able to forecast demand, hence better plan and control its own inventory, for instance, keeping just enough stock for manufacturing and resupply for its customer. Increased communication also allows promotion to be easily incorporated into inventory plan. Increased productivity Manufacturers productivity is increased because monitoring customers stock regularly enable manufacturers to control its own inventory more efficiently, thus manufacturing operations could be schedule more productively. 2.1.2 For distributors Improved service Increased sales Cost saving Lesser stock-out Lower inventory level VMI Benefits for Manufacturers Figure 2: VMI Benefits for Distributors Source: The Researcher Lower inventory level Manufacturers have greater responsibility to ensure availability of inventories, by ordering replenishment when inventories fall below order point. Frequent review of inventories and demand information enable manufacturers to more accurately control lead time component of order point calculations, hence reducing safety stock. Lesser stock-out or shortage The theory and reasons is just the same as for reducing safety stock and inventory level, which is automatic replenishment by supplier before stock-out, and better order calculation due to increased visibility of actual demand. Having manufacturers to monitor its own items also allows better respond to unexpected demand compared to typical distributors managing bulks of items from different manufacturers. Cost saving Administration cost is reduced. Since manufacturers in charge of stock replenishment, the cost involves for managing replenishment, generating purchase order and other administration task is eliminated. Distributors will then require lesser time and effort in ordering. Cost involved in bad or wrong order is eliminated too. VMI also decreased cost of carrying stock. Increased sales VMI leads to fewer out-of-stock situations. This simply means higher sales, as lesser sales opportunities are lost, and customer loyalty is improved. Increased visibility in demand ensured the right products always available at right time and right place. Frequent communication also allow better collaborations with suppliers in planning for new product introduction, promotions, and exceptional demand, allowing distributors to enjoy full advantage of special sales opportunities. Improved service Having correct items at correct moment improved overall service level. Manufacturers practicing VMI also keen to provide better service to distributors. 2.1.3 Dual Benefits In addition to the above advantages, both manufacturers and distributors benefit from shortening of supply chain. Human data entry errors were avoided through computer to computer communication, which also improve processing speed. Next, overhead is lowered due to automated VMI. Another consequence would be stronger ties and true partnership between manufacturers and distributors. Furthermore, timing of purchase orders was stabilized on a predefined basis, for example once weekly purchase order cycle. Disadvantages The researcher also identified some disadvantages. Firstly, manufacturers might need additional effort and cost to undertake resupply activities which is previously carried out by distributors themselves. Therefore, manufacturers must guaranteed substantial amount of gross profit and sales to cover those extra expenses. Secondly, since distributors are excluded from forecasting demand, inaccurate forecast might occur. In terms of distributors, dependency on single source of supply gives disadvantages when suppliers unable to meet its commitment. Distributors also faced potential in losing confidential information since manufacturers are given access to its data. There is also possibility of job losing as replenishment tasks are transferred back to manufacturers. Implementing VMI also means distributors unable to enjoy bulk purchase discount, promotion, and forward buying. Another risk is that lacking of advanced information technology could results in outdated and incorrect information sharing. Besides cost of technology, application of VMI also involved cost of training and changing organization. Moreover, the success of VMI is hugely determined by the strength of relationship between manufacturers and distributors. For instance, lack of trust in data exchange could leads to ineffective implementation, including inventory invisibility and inventory imbalance. Since VMI increased dependency on both parties, switching cost is raised and these created difficulties in switching. Flexibility is loss through VMI because special events or promotions required beforehand communication in order to eliminate replenishment mistake. The next concern is that VMI which encouraged lower inventory contributed to loss of shelf space at distributors selling area. This decreases attention of their buyers, hence market share are loss. However, they are ways to overcome these disadvantages. Take the above example, shelf space could be filled with other items from same vendor. Furthermore, achieving mutual agreement before applying VMI would creates mutual trust, therefore strengthens relationship and partnership between manufacturers and distributors, thus better price and transaction, resulted in better service to the end customers, which will then generate significant benefits for both parties. 3.0 : CONCLUSION Procter Gamble and Wal-Mart appears to be the pioneer and master of VMI, a supply chain practice which is popularized among grocery industry since late 1980s. As oppose to traditional business model where distributors initiate purchasing order, buying decision in VMI are shifted back to vendors, often manufacturers. This is an automated process where manufacturers automatically make resupply decision, ensuring certain amount of stock is available for distributors to meet consumer demand. Manufacturers are given access to real-time sales and inventory level, where electronic data will be sent by distributors to manufacturers through EDI or internet. Under VMI partnership, both manufacturer and distributor are bound by agreement which determines information like inventory level, refill rates, cost, and shipping. The researcher agreed that VMI created numerous advantages for both manufacturers and distributors. Examples include increased sales, cost reduction, lower inventory level, lesser stock-out, improved service, improved productivity, improved market analysis, shortening of supply chain, improved processing speed, stronger partnership and many more. Nevertheless, VMI have disadvantages too. These incorporate additional effort and cost for manufacturers, inaccurate demand forecast, dependency on single source of supply, loss of confidential information, loss of job, loss of purchase discount, outdated and incorrect information sharing due to lacking of advance technology, cost of training, changing organization, increased dependency, increased switching cost, loss of flexibility, loss of shelf space, and loss of market share. As conclusion, the researcher recognized that VMI could be structured properly in order to maximize its advantages and minimize its disadvantages. To illustrate, good flow of information is key to success in VMI application. Thus, it is necessary to allow information sharing by ensuring an open communication channel. Implementing a well-structured VMI also required good understanding of VMI as well as training of staff. Other measures to avoid VMI failure includes clarify expectation, and achieve an agreement between manufacturers and distributors regarding factors such as lead time, cost, and information sharing.

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The Temple of Heaven

Autqem Neter Sh. Nu Au Mu Samga History May 20, 2012 The Temple of Heaven The Temple of Heaven is located in the southern area of Beijing. Occupying an area of 273 hectares, it is three times the area of the Forbidden City. It was built in 1420 A. D. , for emperors to worship Heaven. The main buildings include the Altar or Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Imperial Vault of Heaven and Circular Mound Altar. In 1998, the Temple of Heaven was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Beginning in 2005, the Temple of Heaven underwent a 47 million Yuan (6 million USD) renovation that was completed on May 1st, 2006.The Altar or Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, 38 meters tall and 30 meters in diameter, stands on a round foundation built with three tiers of marble stone. This large hall is under a three-story, cone-shaped glaze-tile roof in blue color crowned with a gilded knob. A circular wall of polished bricks known as the Echo Wall encloses the Imperial Vault of Heaven. The Circular Mount Altar, south to the Imperial Vault of Heaven, is where the emperor prayed to heaven. At the center lies a round stone called the Center of Heaven Stone that echoes when a visitor speaks loudly when standing on the stone.The Temple of Heaven is enclosed with a long wall. The northern part within the wall is semicircular symbolizing the heavens and the southern part is square symbolizing the earth. The northern part is higher than the southern part. This design shows that the heaven is high and the earth is low and the design reflected an ancient Chinese thought of ‘The heaven is round and the earth is square. The Temple is divided by two enclosed walls into inner part and outer part. The main buildings of the Temple lie at the south and north ends of the middle axis line of the inner part.The most magnificent buildings are The Circular Mound Altar (Yuanqiutan), Imperial Vault of Heaven (Huangqiongyu) and Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest (Qiniandian) from south to north. Also, t here are some additional buildings like Three Echo Stones and Echo Wall. Almost all of the buildings are connected by a wide bridge called Vermilion Steps Bridge (Danbiqiao) or called Sacred Way. The Circular Altar has three terraces layered with white marble. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 A. D. – 1911 A. D. ), the emperors would offer sacrifice to Heaven on the day of the Winter Solstice every year.This ceremony was to thank Heaven and hope everything would be good in the future. The picture below is of The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, a big palace with a round roof in three layers. Inside the Hall are 28 huge posts. Four posts along the inner circle represent four seasons-spring, summer, autumn and winter, 12 posts along the middle circle represent the 12 months; and 12 posts along the outer circle represent 12 Shichen (Shichen is a means of counting time in ancient China). The roof is covered with black, yellow and green colored glaze representing the heaven s, the earth and everything on earth.The Hall has a base named Altar for Grain Prayers which is made of three layers of white marble and has a height of six meters. The numbers 3 and 9, in particular, recur in the layout and design; these are important or ‘lucky' numbers in Chinese numerology. The number 9, being the highest value digit is associated with the emperor. Its square root, 3, has a natural occurrence in terms of beginning, middle and end. The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests was constructed relying only on carpentry, with no nails employed. This building was commissioned by Qing dynasty emperor Qian Long (reign: 1736-1795) in 1775.

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Jazz Concert Reflection Essay

Jazz is a musical style that began in African American communities in the southern United States around the beginning of the twentieth century. It was a new style of music that brought together music traditions from West Africa and Europe. Some of its West African musical influences give jazz its unique sound. Jazz has many different elements, which are improvisations, swinging, using blue notes, and combining different rhythms. I attended The Bill and Helen Murray Jazz Residency Program featured Ellery Eskelin on the Saxophone with Susan Acorn on the pedal steel guitar and Michael Formanek on the acoustic bass and The Towson University Jazz Faculty Ensemble Featuring Dave Balloy on the trumpet, flugelhorn, and piccolo trumpet, Jim Mc falls on the trombone and baritone, Tim Murphy on the piano, Jeff Reed on the bass and last but not least, Frank Russo on the drums and cymbals. At each concert about four songs were performed. The musical elements in both performances that classify the music I heard as jazz were the swing rhythms and improvisations. The Jazz Residency Program was based on improvisations. Each player at this concert; had the ability to instantaneously compose, revise and perform their parts amazingly. As Ellery played the Sax, Susan and Michael played their instrument spontaneously creating fresh melodies. At the Jazz Faculty ensemble, the musicians played songs that were previously written. Their musical styles were mostly bebop and swing with lots of call and respond. Jim Mc falls would play his trombone and all group members would follow after him. The song â€Å"Moodly† sounded like bebop, because there were a lot of bass drum bombs and tonal clashes. â€Å"Marsch der freien Sound Fur Funf Instrumente† was also a bebop song that was played with extended harmonies and tonal clashes. Some of the non-traditional jazz elements that I heard were played at both of the Jazz Concerts. Susan Acorn played the pedal steel  guitar, which I found to be a non-traditional element. The sound was completely different from what I had ever heard before. At the Jazz Faculty Ensemble, Dave Ballou played the Piccolo Trumpet for the last piece â€Å"Conversion†. The high-pitched sound made the song slur and blend with soft melodies. Listening to each concert, gave me two totally different experiences. The Jazz Residency concert was all improvisations, so it didn’t remind me of any of the music I had heard before. The Jazz Faculty ensemble was a reminder of music styles like Art Tatum, John Coltrane, and Duke Ellington. When they played Hamster in a bucket it’s reminded me of â€Å"In a Mellotone† by Duke Ellinton. Then Dave Ballou played the trumpet in the song â€Å"Cry Baby† like Miles Davis played the trumpet in the song â€Å"So What†. In conclusion, the quality of both performances was outstanding. Each performance was completely different and that’s what I loved. The jazz residency program was completely improvised, leaving me opened and surprised at every note each player chose to play. The Jazz Faculty Ensemble’s songs had a distinctive vibe. They made the sounds of their music come together and I felt the rhythm. I would defiantly pay to see each performance again. I left the concerts smiling, because I felt as if I knew exactly what they were trying to accomplish with their music. The two ensembles I attended featured some of the most talented musicians I ever heard performing at Towson University.